Photo Taken of Fast Moving Tic-Tac UFO.

Location of Sighting: Orlando, Florida
Date of Sighting: April 22, 2022
Time of Sighting: 10:15 PM EDT


Description: I have multiple photos of UFO’s that were taken with my hunting trackers. I put up the hunting trackers after I watched an alien climb up to his spaceship. He is the pilot of the Tic Tac. That was 2/28/2013. He decided I was his friend. No, he kept his distance, but did allow photos of his spaceships. He is here with more than 1. The Tic Tac from what he has shown me is his show off ship. The real ship is a dull black. It is a little bit bigger than one of our fighter jets. It has no wings, no tail and no rotors. It has some type of coating on the outside that looks like rock. It observes our space launches. It looks prehistoric. I could not see any windows, but it was gravitating in a huge white cloud. The Tic Tac is one fast ship. It went from 75 MPH straight up into the sky in just a couple of seconds and completely disappeared. No, you can not get videos because he jams your cell phone somehow. But my trackers did get photos. Recently 4/22/2022 I believe he made an appearance. I am not sure, but I would not be surprised. He likes me. I will upload what I can and yes they are real UFO’s. The government has flown into talk to me about him.

Note: The witness says that she has seen the above object (plus occupants) on multiple occasions. Perhaps this is true? There is no evidence to prove (or disprove) the witness’s statements.

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