Round Metallic Object Nearly Collides With Plane.

Location of Sighting: Anchorage, Alaska
Date of Sighting: April 18, 2022
Time of Sighting: 1 PM Local Time

Description: I was at work and stepped out the back door to have a cigarette break. Lots of planes fly overhead as we are near the airport and I enjoy seeing them fly over. I watched a smaller passenger plane, probably a twenty seater taking a turn towards the direction of Fairbanks. The sky was clear, pale blue, no clouds at all in the sky. I noticed a brighter blue orb some distance from the plane and I thought it was a large party balloon that got away. I watched as the orb was traveling about the same speed as the plane, coming directly from the North as the plane made its turn towards the North, I was sure it was going to crash into the plane and they barely missed. It flew past the nose of the plane. I knew darn well the Pilots had to have seen that and also the passengers. It looked metallic and completely round and traveling very fast. That was no balloon. I have searched on line for any reports of this near miss, but haven’t found any. I wanted my co worker to come film it with his camera but it was so fast that by the time I called him the object was gone.

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