Several Lights Spaced in a Line Move East.

Location of Sighting: Lyman, Wyoming
Date of Sighting: February 10, 2021
Time of Sighting: 5:30 AM MST

Description: I was outside on the back deck having a cigarette. I heard my husband running to the house. he yelled out to me and to look up. I then looked in the direction of north, what I witnessed was several lights. They came out of the blackness and were spaced in a line. They seemed to be in formation. My initial split second thought was that we were seeing a convoy of ships. I then came into the house, grabbed a pair of binoculars for my husband while I tried to capture them on my phone. I only captured blackness. The lights stayed on a steady course for about 15 minutes. The objects moved due East and vanished one by one, as they did upon arrival. I have asked several people in the community and no one is talking.

I am not very smart about computers, but I do know how to text a photo. My husband and I have seen several things in the past few years. The most definitive proof that we have is a photo taken up near Sage Creek, on September 1, 2020. My husband sent me a selfie and I commented on his ” UFO “. The next day, we spoke and my husband told me of the unmarked white helicopter that flew over him and his brother. I would like conformation that we are not the only people who could have been witness to this amazingly astonishing event. I just would like to know. Thank you for your time.

Note: The witnesses likely saw Star-Link communication satellites.

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