Silver Cylinder Shaped Object Glistens in the Sun.

Location of Sighting: Independence, Oregon
Date of Sighting: May 23, 2021
Time of Sighting: 3:30 PM PDT

Description: My passenger and I were driving to Independence, and were in the straight stretch of road right before the base of the bridge, about a mile prior. From this distance you can see through the trees that flank the river. I commented to my passenger that there was something between the trees “glimmering”, assumed out loud it was a plane then joked “it must be a UFO!” My passenger looked and kind of gasped at the same time I realized it could not be a plane at the low of level unless crashing. It was cylinder shaped and silver, almost like a small blimp shape, ‘milky’ or brushed silver looking metal (not like a stainless steel look) and the sun was making it ‘glisten’. We could see it between the trees, and only caught sight of it for a few seconds before we started up the bridge and thicker trees blocked our view. Once we cleared the trees on the bridge where we could see I slowed to a near stop and looked, and there was nothing there. We looked on both sides and it was too large to fit under the bridge and not stick out. We kept watching as we descended the bridge, and then as we turned onto another country road where we could see the skyline, sky and area, We saw nothing and no planes were in the air that we might have mistaken it with. The sky was entirely void of aircraft.

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