Silver Object in 2 Sections Size of Airliner Hovers, Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Kansas City, Missouri
Date of Sighting: August 23, 2021
Time of Sighting: 12:20 PM CDT

Description: Hi., I live in Kansas City, MO. The UFO sighting I’m reporting on, happened this afternoon. At approximately 12:20 PM, Monday 8/23/2021. I was riding the number 25 metro bus. I was traveling north on Troost Ave. The number 25 turns left on 12th St. As the bus was getting ready to turn on 12th St. I looked out my right side window. I spotted what looked like a large silver plane. Something caught my attention. I really couldn’t put my finger on what caught my attention. The plane was a really bright reflective silver. It was a hot sunny day today. So that wouldn’t be that unusual, but I still noticed it. The plane seemed to be in two sections. It looked about the size of a really large Boeing. It was a little fuzzy. (Maybe meaning that it was larger and further away than I thought?) But like I said it was sunny and hot. What did catch my attention was that it seemed to not be moving. It seemed like it was just sitting there. This was all within about 40 to 50 seconds maybe. I was looking forward to the bus making the turn on 12th St. There’s a bus stop right at the turn. And this was my stop. Which was why I was looking out the window earlier anyway. I was looking forward to getting off the bus and seeing this thing clearer. I was by the time that I was getting off the bus. I was pretty sure this was a UFO. It wasn’t a drone, or combination of drones. It didn’t seem like an airplane. Whatever it was it seemed to be moving extremely slow or still altogether. I got off the bus and it was GONE. I can’t emphasize that enough. I’m one that has had numerous experiences over the years. I really for the most part could care less about anyone outside my immediate family and friends knowing. I’m reporting this partly to document this for myself. A kind of day diary that will exist on the web, that I can access in the future. Too many times I’ve had stuff happen that I would never forget. But time dims the memory.

P.S. so many nighttime sightings are drone or drone formations, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate. That is one good thing about a daytime sighting. There is no friggin doubt and then it disappeared. I think the tint on the window bus made it easier for me to spot originally.

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