Silver White Disk Hovers, Shoots Away.

Location of Sighting: Noblesville, Indiana
Date of Sighting: May 21, 2022
Time of Sighting: 2 PM EDT

Description: A disk was hovering near Noblesville East of downtown. The date is approximate. My Grandson Drew videotaped object on his phone camera. It was a silver-white disk hovering and then after ten seconds it accelerated rapidly out of sight in the wink of an eye. I was previously with Military Intelligence in Army. This was the Real Deal UAP! I was stunned! Although my Uncle Wayne Schell was bodyguard to President Truman and He told me that him and Truman went to Roswell, NM in July 1947 at the President’s Orders to view the crash at Corona, NM of an ET Craft! He stated ETs were small like kids with large heads and that one survived the crash! He retired from the Secret Service and was a dairy farmer owner in Middletown, Indiana. If he said it was true, take it to the Bank!

Note: A copy of the video has been requested. Updates will be posted.

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