Star-Like Object Darts & ZigZaggs Around, Then Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Arcata, California
Date of Sighting: March 21, 2021
Time of Sighting: 2 AM PDT

Description: Last night or early this morning on March 21st 2021, around 2 AM, I was stargazing with my partner in the car. We live in Humboldt County, Arcata California. Over the east mountains I saw what I thought was a bright star. Then it started to dart and zig zag around. Questions if it were a satellite quickly vanished as we witnessed the vertical and circular movements and quick turns that would not be possible for a typical satellite. After ten minutes of watching it, I looked away and turned back and it was gone. We live in the Redwood Forest which is a pretty rural area. So if this indeed was a UFO, what would it be doing during the wee hours of the night over the forest?

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