Straight Line of Bright Rectangular Lights.

Location of Sighting: Florissant, Colorado
Date oF Sighting: April 21, 2022
Time of Sighting: 11 PM to Midnight MDT

Description: We saw something like this on the same night over Florissant, CO on April 21st between 11:00 and Midnight. There were 12 or more witnesses. It was West of Highway 24, going Southeast, Very Slowly. I immediately drew a picture of what I saw when I returned home. We were at a Bar and Grill outside Smoking, when someone shouted, What is that? pointed upward passing above trees and power lines (Very Low) no noise, and moving slowly above us. It was a straight light of bright, rectangle lights (kinda like a bunch of fluorescent lights strung together in a line. We watched in amazement for up to a minute when it suddenly disappeared one light at a time as if going through a worm hole of sorts! My Friend started googling what it could be and said it is Starlink! A satellite released by Elon Musk. I couldn’t stop thinking about why would a satellite be so low and slow over a small community. Monday Morning April 25, I started googling Starlink. Elon was to release a bunch of Satellites on Sunday the 24th, so what exactly were we looking at? I did see that there was a Starlink Satellite that was North of the location that we saw the string of lights, but it was a bunch of dots in a line in the sky, very high up. I know there were plenty of witnesses to the object I saw and would love to hear if anyone else in the Woodland Park, Divide or Lake George Colorado saw this strange moving line of lights.

Note: The witnesses quite likely saw Star-Link communication satellites. There are many in the sky now and more are going to be launched. The witness was referring to a line of lights captured on video over Attica, IN on April 21, 2022. These lights were also likely Star-Link satellites.

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