Strange Bright Circle Seen in Loft of Home.

Location of Sighting: Plymouth, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: April 1, 2022
Time of Sighting: 12:28 AM EDT


Description: The witness had fallen asleep watching TV. She awakened and noticed a strange bright glow and a circle in the loft of her house. Her husband was asleep at the time. She turned out all lights and the light was still present. She took five photos with her cell phone. The circle was oval in shape and quite bright. There was no external or internal lighting that could account for the circular glow. You can see the skylight by the photo and there is no evidence of external light. The circle moved slightly (about 4 feet to the right) during the 30 minutes that the witness noticed it. She finally went to bed when the circle was still visible. She has never before or since seen the circle. She thought that she could see something inside the circle that resembled a face.

Note: This photo is strange. Barring a hoax I have no explanation for the above photo and the other photos submitted by the witness. There is no visible external or internal light source that could account for the light. You also can see some strange lines within the light that look somewhat like “fan blades.” I have no indication that the witness propagated a hoax.

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