Strange Shaped Object Photographed by Moon.

Location of Sighting: Spartanburg, South Carolina
Date of Sighting: Early December 2021
Time of Sighting: Evening


Description: I took some photos last year from my backyard looking up something caught my eye and totally unexplainable. I am sending you one photo to show you what I mean. If you zoom in on the object next to the sun or moon.” I can not remember the time, but a calculation to that date would soon find out what it was ” sun or moon.” It was in NOV or December I favor more early December. I noticed that the bright object was not moving much at all in relation to things around it. I only looked at these photos. Last week whilst searching for another picture I shot. For the first time I zoomed in and was gob smacked by what I saw.

The photos were taken with my Galaxy Note 9. I have a very keen interest with every thing that can fly and I am a lover of all aircraft. Which is why I am always looking up. I live in Spartanburg, SC. Zoom in on the sample photo I am sending.

If you are interested I will send you the rest. But this thing has me totally beat on it’s origin. Plus it vanished at the same speed it arrived.

No I am not crazy. I am serious. The object is to the right of the sun or moon. Like square shaped. Copy and save then Zoom in.

Note: The notated light in the above photo is not just a “camera artifact” because the witness saw the light (object).

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