String of 10-15 Lighted Objects Move NE.

Location of Sighting: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: May 14, 2022
Time of Sighting: 8:30 to 8:45 PM EDT

Description: On 5/14/22, 8:30 +-8:45 PM driving on S. Rt 41, Lancaster County, PA., USA, near Pine Creek Rd intersection I viewed 10 to 15 lighted objects (group) as individual objects (lights only). There were 4 larger ball of orange/redish brighter than smaller lighted objects. They were very bright as I got nearer on my Left windshield, then L driver window, (looked like a very large construction crane (used in inter city, with lights every few feet, in sort of a string, but moving towards the NE (very bright glows). I did pull into a bar parking lot. It was raining a little, so used my I-Phone to take 4 photos as that cluster was fading, because of cloud layers, but a few stragglers (larger balls of light ) trailed, overhead of my window. The altitude was unknown. Using my computer, I managed to explode sizes, and trailing lites, (looks like lit contrails of aircraft). I have sort of ID’d the form of the larger items, and could be enlarged by a PRO, even more. The few larger objects glowed and looked like a small SUN with Corona pulsating. Am Ex AF Elint operator, and this in now close to home.

Note: The witness saw Star-Link communication satellites.

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