Triangular Object With Green, Red & Blue Lights Rotating Around It.

Location of Sighting: Hobart, Indiana
Date of Sighting: October 15, 1973
Time of Sighting: 6 to 7 PM CDT


Description: In the fall of 1973, October, I was 12 years old. I was watching TV (the six million dollar man) it was a new TV show and the only thing my stepfather watched.
My mother asked me to take out the paper trash to burn. We lived on a dead end street beside a very large swamp area and separated our paper to burn out back.

I reluctantly pulled myself away from the TV and ran out the back door grabbing the large paper grocery bag full of paper trash and a pack of matches. I ran to the edge of the field, dropped the bag and flicked a few lit matches into it waiting only a half second to make sure one would light the papers inside and ran back to the house eager to return to the new TV show.

As I ran in my mother was still standing on the back porch holding open the screen door with her back. Once I was in the kitchen, but not yet to the living-room, and my TV show, my mother said “Greg,what IS that?” I turned around and she was still standing on the back porch holding open the screen door. I walked to where she was and she stood gazing off into the darkening night sky. It was just after sunset, maybe 6 or 7 PM. I looked to where she was looking and saw some flashing light in the distance. I realized it was not a plane. It was too low, and wobbling, had the wrong colors and was flying too slow. It was about a half mile away at a spot where the Nickel plate railroad tracks intersect with Interstate 65. There was a viaduc there where the highway went over the railroad tracks. The viaduc was made on 2 hills maybe 80 feet tall with a bridge over them so the train could pass underneath I-65 on it’s way thru the swamp. The object looked about the same distance above the traffic as the viadock is tall, making its altitude about 160 feet.

I stared for a moment. The object was not a plane. It was too slow and too low. It made no sound. It was too fast to be a blimp.I realized rather quickly it did not fit any category of flying things I knew of. I stared at it intently. It had green, red and blue lights rotating around it, the 3 lights forming a triangle, and some whitish light and they were pulsing not flashing. It seemed to wobble forward kind of,due to the elliptical rotation of the triangle of lights. I could see how it moved. The center was sliding forward into the space between the center sphere and the outer rotating ring with the 3 lights mounted on it.

It came directly at me and then this huge craft silently floated directly above me and my yard and my house and was now so low. Looking straight up at it’s underside I could see now the center sphere had a larger unattached, or loosely attached, ring around it and the 3 colored lights were mounted on that rotating ring. I think I could see the night sky in the space between the sphere and the ring as it went around. I felt “telepathy-ed at” or heard, or understood, or “linked to” whoever was there inside. I felt in a dreamy state. It was almost as big as a football field.

It slowly hoola-hooped due east and back over I-65 again, about mile north of where it first crossed west over the interstate, and disappeared into the distance. I felt sad as i watched it another 15 minutes floating away.

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