Twitter User Accuses Military Veterans of Covering Up Aliens, No Mention of Chimpanzee Experiments

In a recent public tweet posted by, Open Minded Approach, on Twitter a radical claim was made about military veterans who worked at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The tweet even goes as far to blame human beings for causing crashes of alien spaceships on Earth.

Accusations Against Military Veterans From Holloman Air Force Base

Open Minded Approach’s entire tweet stated the following:

Maybe it’s not a coincidence after all that the ‘aliens’ that landed in the Holloman Air Force base looked exactly like this. A breakaway ancient civilization that survived the last catastrophic event and are now responsible for the UAP/UFO phenomenon. The builders of the pyramids, the ‘Elite’ survivors from our past civilization. I’m repeating myself as I explained my take extensively in writings that span over a month or two now. But this is for those that read my posts… I think they are responsible for the flying metallic spheres and the so called ‘Foo Fighters’, that monitor us since the beginning of our recorded (new) history. They are using the ‘lost technology’ but might still be piggyback riding on our resources. That would explain the design of the saucers that corresponds with our era… That would explain the apparent old Greek writings or Egyptian looking hieroglyphs in the Roswell case, the Rendlesham forest incident and many other cases. That would explain the confusion of time travelers, they are not from the future, they are advanced humans from the past. I understand that many are struggling and may not want to consider this theory, but it’s actually more complex than revealing the existence of aliens from other planets. If this theory were true, it would mean that our own kind is keeping us in the dark. They are the creators of the religions, and might be using us for something (good or bad). Heaven in the Old Testament is a physical place where God lives, and there is an abundance of everything. Only true followers can reside there, similar to the myth of Shambhala in Hinduism and Buddhism. Furthermore, the legends say ‘This is the place that will protect all human knowledge from the destruction and corruption’. It is possible that they live on Earth; I suggested that their main location might be in Alaska, but this is merely speculation. Additionally, these humans may be responsible for the crashing of ET crafts and act as guardians of our planet. It is even possible that they are utilizing Earth’s resources to reverse engineer technologies from other planets. It is impossible to know for certain, but we may still be used as slaves. It is crucial for world governments to reveal the truth, as this will put all theories to rest and allow us to finally learn our true history. Until then we will not stop with the speculations because it’s obvious that there is a massive cover up. I will also explore one interesting inter-dimensional theory that ties everything from the beginning. #ufotwitter #UAPTwitter #UFOs #UFOSightings #disclosure #ancientEgypt #ancientcities #ancientgreek #AncientChina

Open Minded Approach is followed by 47,000+ accounts on Twitter. That should also show as an example how large the government alien cults are on Twitter. It’s very concerning and could lead to violence against former & current military service members.

An accompanying adult cartoon image was posted along with the tweet. Here’s a screenshot:

US Government Killing People Over Aliens?

Twitter is a well known hiding spot for misinformation cults which promote, “the US Government is Hiding Aliens.” While it may seem this is fringe, a similar talking point is actually being spread by The Hill (killer aliens), NewsNation (alien whistleblower), Harvard (aliens are already here), and other formerly respectable organizations as normal.

Below is screenshot of The Hill promoting what they call, “Killer Aliens.” Journalistic integrity doesn’t seem to be a priority as The Hill is attributing murders (unknown who was murdered) to alien conspiracy theories (no evidence of aliens on Earth provided). Click here to watch the video.

Screenshot from YouTube

Very Little, to No Research

From my experience, many of the individuals who speak publicly about the topic of unidentified flying objects actually do little intellectual research. If they do, it’s typically biased in nature to reinforce the personal beliefs. Such as someone into politics only interested in their side of the aisle. They read specific books, only listen to specific people, promote cult-like mentalities such as “it’s Us versus Them”, and they black-list when it comes to a person being allowed to open their mouth to speak about the topic.

As history would have it during my personal research into the UFO & alien topics I stumbled upon a unique event that occurred at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Animals experiments in Aerobee Rockets.

Rocket Experiments Involving Monkeys in Space Suits

The military was literally launching monkeys in space suits over New Mexico. While many of the rocket test flights included animals of different species such as dogs, mice, etc. I’m focusing on the monkeys mainly because there is so much speak of recovered alien bodies in space suits in New Mexico. Imagine stumbling upon a crashed rocket with a monkey in a space suit in the 40’s & 50’s. A person would not even understand what they were looking at.

Below is an actual picture of one of the first surviving monkeys, sitting in the nose of the same rocket he flew in:

For more detailed specifics here’s info from about the use of monkeys (chimpanzees) by the military:

In the early 1950s, the U.S. Air Force acquired 65 wild-caught young and infant chimpanzees from Africa and used them to establish an aeronautical research facility at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The chimpanzees were used to test the forces of gravity, the effects of high-speed movement, and other conditions anticipated in space travel. Air Force personnel used straight jackets, neck rings, and four-limb restraint on the young chimpanzees to force them to comply with increasing periods in the coffin-like capsules and used painful electric shocks to train them to operate the control panels. Many chimpanzees were trained for a mission into space and died in crash tests, decompression studies, and other painful protocols. Ultimately, two chimpanzees, Ham and Enos, were sent into publicly celebrated space flights on separate missions several months apart. –

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When Did The First Rocket Launches Occur?

The US Air Force claims this activity began in the early 50’s, but we have a picture of a GAPA (ground to air pilotless aircraft) missile launch in Utah from 1946 (newly acquired not seen in the video below). That is the secretive program which moved to Holloman AFB in New Mexico and had successful launches in 1947 just before the Roswell incident. GAPA proceeded the Aerobee rocket which was used for the animal experiments. It is unknown when the actual start dates of these programs was, due to highly secretive activities related to atomic testing and the threat of atomic war, but of course, that part is speculation which is driven by the fact the military always operates programs in secret before the public release.

Here’s a video about the history of these animal experiments at Holloman Air Force Base:

Denying Animal Experiments to Promote Aliens

While it doesn’t bother me at all when people speculate, offer theories, or discuss their beliefs, denying animal experiments occurred just doesn’t sit right with me. Especially seeing entities or people do it for money or fame related to aliens. So many people of the time never spoke of Roswell as aliens because so many were upset about the experiments which had occurred at Holloman AFB. They fought to save the chimps back then. That same love for animals & primates still lives on today.

Here’s a local New Mexico newspaper writing about the military chimps in 2020:

Screenshot from Alamogordo Daily News

Here’s another article discussing a lawsuit over the chimps:

Screenshot from Alamogordo Daily News


In closing I would say, everything is not always as it seems. Someone may tell you they found a crash site with a non-human body but I implore you to be astute and do your homework. Follow the truth not your internal biases.

— Tim Doyle, Lead Investigator

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