UFO over Laguna Niguel, California – January 30, 2022

Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation by The Black Vault

The following case was submitted to The Black Vault / TBV Investigations. There was no formal investigation to the case, and is offered here for informational purposes.

Originally, it was posted on Twitter in real time, by Steven Greenstreet, Creator & Host of The Basement Office, New York Post. Below, you will find a breakdown of those posts, with time stamps and videos.

The Testimony

Chronological Breakdown

The follow is a collection of posts on Twitter by the witness, Steven Greenstreet. They are archived here to tell the story and explain the evidence posted below. Where applicable, they are also inserted in the below captions.

Photos and video of my “UFO” sighting today in Laguna Niguel, CA. This object remained, more or less, in the same location of the sky despite constant east-to-west winds. My wife first saw it, then me, then another adult. We all agreed it was stationary #ufotwitter

This is the first photo I took. 12:13pm PST. With my Samsung Galaxy S20. I did not observe obvious linear movement until 12:41pm PST (per timestamp of video I took), when it moved off into the northern horizon and disappeared from sight.

Here is the first video I took of the object. 12:14pm PST. You’ll hear the wind in the microphone. It was indeed windy. The object remained in the same point of the sky for roughly 30 minutes. No size change (indicating moving closer or further away).

Another video. 12:15pm PST. I walked in between 2 trees to use the branches as reference for where the object was in the sky. Super bright sun limited my vision.

Video at 12:18pm PST. I kept thinking it was a balloon and was expecting to do balloon things like move away with the wind or rise up into the sky further. Didn’t really happen.

Video at 12:31pm PST – 18 minutes after my first photo/video, I walked up the street a bit into the shade. You’ll hear 2 teenagers on the sidewalk comment “It’s not moving”

Two zoomed-in shots from 12:33pm PST. The only real motion I noted at this point was perhaps a slow rotation.

Video taken at 12:34pm PST. Actually decent quality I guess. You’ll hear me note a slight movement, but this is now 21 minutes after first sighting. I thought, if a balloon, it would’ve moved away by this point with the consistent winds that were present. Strange.

Video taken at 12:38pm PST. Now 25 minutes after first visual sighting.

Photo taken at 12:39pm PST.

The last video I shot. 12:41pm. 28 minutes after first visual sighting. You’ll hear me note the object is moving. “This is new”. It disappeared behind that tree then became smaller and smaller into the northern sky until I couldn’t see it anymore.

Case Summary

Now, here’s how it went down: I was playing with my kids at park. My wife approached me with a very serious look on her face. “Oh God, is she mad about something?” She grabbed my arm and pointed to the sky. I looked up and saw the object in the photos/videos above……..
At first I thought “balloons”, but then my wife said, “It’s not moving”. I was like “What? No.” But the longer I looked at it, the more I agreed. It looked “stuck” in the sky. That’s when I started taking photos and videos.
The red X is where I was and the arrow is the direction I facing while filming the object. Over the course of 30 minutes, I walked towards the object maybe 5 blocks. I did notice it rose above me slightly as I walked towards it. Inferring I was walking more underneath it?Some great analysis of my sighting happening on Metabunk.

The Evidence

The following is the evidence captured by Steven Greenstreet. It is also all available (raw photos and video) in a .zip file.

A Full .zip Download

All of the photos and video below are available in a raw data download via this:

[ .zip file – Please Note: File is a 3GB ]


These are all the videos captured, put in a single montage with time stamps. The sighting occurred on January 30, 2022, and the time zone stamps are Pacific time.



The Analysis

Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation by The Black Vault.

However, the witness Steven Greenstreet himself has put forth a going theory, as of February 1, 2022. He stated:

A lot of folks asking for an update. My current theory is some kind of coaxial drone. But since the object was estimated around 1000-2000 feet up, its size was probably similar to the one in this photo. Who was flying it and why is unknown to me so far.


Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation by The Black Vault or conclusion posted.

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