Unknown Object Appears by Air Force Bomber.

Location of Sighting: Bowie, Arizona
Date of Sighting: April 11, 2022
Time of Sighting: 11 AM MST

Description: Every week or so we get the Air Force flying over in a practice bombing run. Yesterday I was working and went outside with my wife and son to see the bomber fly low overhead and then climb aggressively up as if he was dropping bombs. I took some pictures and I noticed yet another object in the sky. We went from thinking UFO’s are funny to watch on TV to sort of freaking out. Here’s another picture albeit from a different angle. Strange thing is when the bomber came back it disappeared. Just POOF! It was very low around 3k above us and then it was super high altitude. Last shot is just before it went away. it had to be 20,000 feet when I took the last picture. For reference we are about 3,980 feet up.

Note: The witness took photos. The photos show the bomber and a distant vapor trail. The other object appears to be high flying jet. For this reason the photos are not shown in this report.

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