“Upside-Down” Frisbee UFO, Descends, Hovers, Zips Upward.

Location of Sighting: Copperopolis, Calfornia
Date of Sighting; July 23, 2021 (Estimated)
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM PDT

Description: On hot summer nights I like to sleep on my comfortable patio furniture couch because the house is so hot and uncomfortable. July 2021 on a Friday night I went to bed at 10:30. I don’t remember which Friday it was. I like to watch the stars as I first lie down for the night. I saw three falling stars in the northern sky they were bright and quickly moved across the sky. Off to the west sky I saw a bright light it got bigger as it fell to earth, I thought crap this thing is going to hit the ground I quickly sat up to watch as it came down. My total sighting was about fifteen seconds, and it did not make any noise. It was a disc shape and had a very bright white light in the bottom center of the disc I will refer to this light as the engine. Suddenly it stops about 100 feet above a tree on the empty lot next to my property. I was about 150 feet away. The bottom surface looked like a upside down frisbee it was kind of translucent foggy looking, but I could not see a shape of the craft through the foggy disc. Lights turned on and illuminated the tree and ground in a blue tint light like in the movie close encounters of the third kind when Dreyfus stopped at the stop sign with the craft above him.

Next the engine flickered and created ripples across the foggy disc like tossing a stone in a smooth pond. When the inner ripples reached the outer portion of the disc, the foggy disc sucked into the engine outer diameter and the craft took off vertically and was gone in a snap of the fingers. On doing a YouTube search there was a UFO vertical takeoff in Jerusalem. This is the same event that I witnessed. I finally saw proof that UFOs exist, but I continually watch the skies to see them again.

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