Very Bright Low Flying Light. Power Outage Occurs.

Location of Sighting: Leading Tickles, Newfoundland, Canada
Date of Sighting: 1967
Time of Sighting: 1:15 AM Local Time

Description: I was waiting for my friend by a cemetery. I started to drag a stick along the picket fence when a bright light appeared in the sky above me over the cemetery. It was strange (yes)? Stranger still all lights in the tiny community were shut down at midnight. The lights ran off a generator. This light hovered in the air and was not moving. The light was so bright you could not look directly at it. It was so bright when you looked at the ground, you would be able to pick up a needle. It started to move toward me. The strange thing was is that I wasn’t afraid. There was no sound, just a light. It moved very close to me, so I moved further down the fence line. It looked as if it was 30 or 40 feet in the air. Because of the light Icould see my way clearly and when I got to the end of the fence I had to decide what to do: Stay or run. so I ran.

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