Very Large White Rectangular Object Comes Out of Cloud.

Location of Sighting: Eagle, Colorado
Date of Sighting: July 29, 2022
Time of Sighting: 4:45 PM MDT

Description: About 4:45 PM MDT time I was driving east on Brush Creek Road (after making left turn off of Capitol St., in the Town of Eagle CO). I was driving toward the Terrace subdivision where I live. I was driving about 20 MPH and looking at the New York Mountain Range in the distance. The sky was about half clouds and half blue sky. One very large gray cumulus cloud about 5 miles distant and 3,000 feet tall (about that wide as well) or so, was the most impressive cloud in the sky and was surrounded by mostly cumulus white clouds as well as blue sky. I was looking at the dark cloud when right from the center of the dark cloud a very large white rectangle shape object came out of the cloud and was suspended right in front of the cloud. If one can envision a piece of white legal paper standing on the short end, with an inch border and the rest of the paper removed that is what this object looked like. I could see the dark cloud through it’s center, so it was quite obvious against the cloud. Other than moving out of the cloud, which I saw happen, it was not moving. The white rectangle surface object, with no center, was about a tenth of the size of the cloud. All 8 edges I could see looking straight toward it were perfectly straight. The object was perfectly in place up and down and side to side. It was not at any angles. It looked perfectly level vertically and horizontally. It was so perfect and so perfectly white and large and in such contrast to the gray cloud I thought right away it was a UFO. I pulled off to the side of the roadway and was nearly stopped when the object just backed up into the cloud. It was instantly there and I could see it for 7 seconds or so and then it was instantly gone. Poof! It came out of the cloud and went back into the cloud.

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