Very Small Flashes of Light in Orb Shapes.

Location of Sighting: Brunswick, Maine
Date of Sighting: June 2 and 4, 2021
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM & 12 to 12:30 AM EDT Respectively

Description: My sightings were on June 2, 2021 and June 4, 2021.
I am staying at someone’s house now who happens to have a high window behind the bed. Thi8s is something I’m not used to, so I decided to look out at the night sky as I knelt on the bed leaning on the window sill.

The time of the first sighting was approximately 11:30 PM on a cloudy night approximately tree height at a distance of about fifty feet. Very small flashes of white light, in possibly orb shapes appeared. It was hard to tell, but they appeared to be perhaps the size of a light bulb. These orbs of light were as bright and as white as stars and moved amazingly fast, staying at first to be the height of the trees at maybe 75 – 100 feet high. They would flash on quickly then wouldn’t be seen again in the same place. There were what seemed to be perhaps 10 to 20 of them in different spots. I watched for about an hour, fascinated, then went to bed.

The next night June 3, there was nothing. But the following night, on June 4, between approximately 12:00 AM and 12:30 AM they were there again. This time the sky was very clear with many stars. One moved in seconds from one end of the sky to the other, which, if it had been a plane, would have taken probably 10 minutes. This time they appeared to be much higher than the trees and there seemed to be fewer of them. They may not have been among the trees the first time either it may have just seemed that way because they appeared at the same relative height. These were much higher. But they appeared to flash on and go off immediately then speed off and flash on again. Quite amazing. I wondered why this spot.

I have a really crappy cell phone so I didn’t expect the get anything significant and was afraid to move away fearing they might disappear. Tonight I will attempt to capture this phenomenon on video. Wish me luck! Thanks.

Note: The witness could be seeing Star-Link communication satellites. However, if his weather observations are correct, that wouldn’t be true as he said skies were cloudy on the first night.

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