Veteran Recalls 3 Large USO’s on Sonar/Radar.

Location of Sighting: On Navy Ship Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle
Date of Sighting: 1974

Description: Hello. My experience was when I was on a Navy Ship in 1974. I was working in the radar room at the time. We had white Navy helicopters assigned to our ship that had dropped sonar buoys everywhere. So our radar room had both radar and sonar screens. Anyhow everyone in the room saw these 3 things on the sonar screen moving up very quickly from the bottom of the ocean, then quickly also then registered onto our radar screen at great speeds and then went completely off the screen as to if they were heading into outer space. We were all in amazement. The brass got very excited as well. I was the only person in the room that didn’t have a clearance at the time. So the commanding officer there quickly rushed me out of the room. I was not permitted to return there for further training. I was told to never tell anyone as to what I saw. The 2nd class petty officer told me that I would be contacted to sign some sort of promise not tell paperwork. He also said that if I was ever pressed that it was just flying fish. I said yeah right flying fish the size whales. He said just be quiet about this I’m warning you.

I kept quiet about this for years. Apparently there have been other strange reports about USOs in the Bermuda. Triangle. However the fact that we had seen them on both sonar and radar makes you think these almost had to have been some sort of UFOs. My ship was the USS Guam LPH-9. I am not sure if records of this incident have ever been shared before or not. This happened somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, but I’m not sure exactly where. Sorry that I don’t know exactly where and I know the triangle is very large. I would think Navy records would have better date and possible location. Have you heard about this before? I remember hearing about us losing a sub one time there and finding it the next day almost 200 miles away.

Before that I didn’t even know what the triangle was. I have heard that after 15 years the government/military can’t do anything for telling things. This happened about 48 years ago so I’m no longer concerned about that. But I’m sure the military didn’t have any type of aircraft back then that could have done what we witnessed on the screens that night.

Note: This information was obtained from Wikipedia regarding the USS Guam LPH-9:

The USS Guam (LPH-9), was an Iwo Jima-class amphibious assault ship, and was laid down by the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on 15 November 1962; launched on 22 August 1964, sponsored by Mrs. Vaughn H. Emory Green, and commissioned on 16 January 1965, Captain N. E. Thurmon in command. She was the third US Navy ship to carry the name, after the US Territory of Guam. There are extensive online resources regarding this ship. It had been used to retrieve astronauts for Gemini XI and had been deployed to the Caribbean.

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