Video Taken of Bright Object That Moved Around Sky.

Location of Sighting: Lubbock, Texas
Date of Sighting: August 29, 2021
Time of Sighting: 2:30 to 2:58 AM CDT



Description: It was 2:30 AM. I had a fire going in my backyard fire pit and noticed something blinking in the sky and moving from spot to spot, almost like it was trying to get my attention. As I focused on it, it stopped blinking and stayed lit. I was seeing it through a narrow gap in trees so I moved to my front yard to get a better line of sight and it followed me up there. I flashed my phone light at it several times and then it zipped from spot to spot, up down, right left. It got extremely close to me, right above my neighborhood at the height local helicopters fly. I have numerous videos of this craft and when you zoom in and slow it down, as it’s flying up and down, it appears to be a burning ball of bright white and green gas, rapidly spinning while expanding and contracting. I am convinced it was interacting with me, not only because it followed me and was putting on a show, but because that’s the feeling I got. It’s hard to explain. Also, when zoomed in, it appears to be a classic “flying saucer” with some sort of force field around it. I’ve reported it to MUFON and multiple investigators said it is what is seen all over the world. The experience lasted from 2:30 AM to 2:58 AM before it suddenly shot into the sky. I recently submitted a Freedom of Information Act for the sky radar with the FAA, but we’ll see if they end up sending that to me. What I saw was real. It was not of this world. It was personal and it was breathtaking and shocking.

Note: What the witness observed sounds unusual. However, the video footage appears to be of a bright planet or star. Jupiter was visible and very bright at the time of the sighting. I believe that the video is of Jupiter. Only one of several video clips is shown. The videos were taken of a cell phone from another cell phone. It appears that the object was zoomed in and is out of focus.

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