Video Taken of Hovering Bright, Metallic, Flashing Object.

Location: Century City area/Los Angeles, California
Date and Time: 9/15/21 at 4:03 PM PDT
3 Witnesses (1 adult and 2 kids)



Hello. I just discovered your website. I’m sending a video that I shortened, because it is over 6 minutes in length. I removed the sound because there are kids talking, and I said their names. We live about 40 miles away from Newport Beach, CA where one of your video sightings came from. I had seen something “similar” in Los Angeles 13 days later.

Description: We stepped outside to the backyard  and I noticed something bright and metallic looking in the sky. It was just one object and appeared to be hovering. No sound could be heard from where I stood. I watched it for a few seconds then I started filming when the object appeared to change shape/spin or turn/flash in it’s same spot. I called the kids over so they could look at it too. We could easily tell that it wasn’t a plane, helicopter, drone, or balloon. The object appeared not to have a definite shape and “flashed” at times. The object eventually slowly moved towards the east and then we couldn’t see it anymore.

Thanks for your time and please provide any insight that you might have.

Note: I agree with the witness. I don’t believe that the object is a plane, helicopter, balloon or drone. The flashing could be the object reflecting the Sun while turning on it’s axis?

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