Video Taken of Triangular Light Formation.

Location of Sighting: Prescott, Arizona
Date of Sighting: March 22, 2022
Time of Sighting: 8:12 PM MST

Video Clip of 2 Formations of Lights.


Description: My son was driving today in Arizona towards Prescott around 8:12 PM. He and his wife saw those two strange lights. One looks like a triangle and the other other like a straight light near it. He’s a pilot and knows what an airplane looks like at night, but this really got him puzzled.

What really drew his attention was that both were flying in sync. When I uploaded the video and looked at it upclose, I could see other lights moving really fast above the triangle and the straight light. I am not sure what this is. What you think this could be?

Note: It appears that the light formations are low, but airborne. The video has been zoomed. There some other blinking lights above these lights, but they are not visible on the zoomed footage show above.

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