While Viewing Moon an Erratic Moving Dot Seen.

Location of Sighting: Bakersville, North Carolina
Date of Sighting: January 26, 2021
Time of Sighting: 9:03 PM EST


Description: I was outside at top of Roan Mountain, NC. Looking at full moon with eyes. I saw a dot couple times moving in a very erratic way. It looked like it was very far away. I got my phone in case I saw it again. And within a couple minutes I saw it 3 more times. I also saw this blue area just prior. The object is in about the 5 o’clock position.

I sent some video of a sighting. I am just wondering if I will receive a response or opinion on what I sent. Thanks.

Witness Response to Investigator Questions: I saw it with my eyes 3 times, which was when I got my phone. And the visual with my eyes was WAY better than the video. I was just checking out the moon because it was so brilliant. But the dot was totally separate and a good way away from the actual moon. But I could tell with my eyes it was very far in the distance. So my visual was a lot better than the video. I don’t know, but it was very real and very vivid with my eyes. That is from my mountain house I go to, so I will be watching more for sure. Thank you for looking at it. And if you have any ideas or similar sightings from anyone I would be curious. Thanks again.

The object was stationary and then took off in all different directions. It went back and forth and zigzagged. It then took off away and was gone so fast I could not believe it.

Note: The object was not a bright planet. The witness saw the object move with his naked eye. This also eliminates a camera lens flare as an explanation.

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