White Oval Shaped Object With Yellow Lights on Bottom,.

Location of Sighting: Novato, California 94949
Date of Sighting: May 18, 2022
Time of Sighting: 8:45 AM PDT

Description: A woman was taking the cover off her car and heading to a bible study. She saw a white oval shaped object moving closer to her. The object had yellow lights on the bottom. The object was seen for 5 to 10 minutes and made no noise. The witness said that the object was close and flying low. The object moved behind some trees and was lost from view. The object was surrounded by a type of cloud or mist. The sighting was near the decommissioned Hamilton Air Force Base. The witness said that the Coast Guard still uses the hangars at the former air base. The weather was warm and no precipitation was falling.

Note: This sighting is unidentified. The object was not a balloon, conventional aircraft or drone. The object was surrounded by a cloud or mist which makes the sighting more intriguing. A look at the local MADAR unit did not show any electromagnetic anomalies at the time of sighting. MADAR (Multi Anomalous Data Recording) measures changes in magnetic fields.

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