White Tic-Tac Object Near Airplane.

Location of Sighting: West Palm Beach, Florida
Date of Sighting: April 10, 2022
Time of Sighting: 2 PM EDT

Description: A Tic tac-shaped white object was spotted against the blue sky next to a plane. The object sped past the plane and left no noise or trail. We noticed the object was very far off in the distance as it passed behind the clouds. It drifted in a straight line until it was out of sight. It made the plane look like it was moving at a snail’s pace.

Note: The witness stated that the time of the sighting was 2 AM. I believe that the witness’s sighting time was 2 PM. The local MADAR (Multi Anomaly Data Recording) unit at Royal Palm Beach, FL showed a slight increase in magnetic field readings at the time of the sighting. The reading was not high enough to trigger an “alert” reading, but was significantly higher than adjoining readings.

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