Woman Stalked by Group Using Advanced Technology.

Location of Sighting: Muncie, Indiana
Date of Sighting: May 31, 2022
Time of Sighting: 11:30 to 11:50 PM EDT


Description: I am a spaceship stalking victim and attempted abduction and murder victim of a criminal stalker rapist pedophile cult that are operating . They are using body and mind meld technology, and other “shelling” technology to harass me. They say I am in a “spaceship stalking” race and this occurs frequently when I try to leave work. It is a ship (or two or more) with red and white flashing lights in the shape of a star and it is clearly following me home. This happened yesterday (the videos and pictures enclosed) as I walked to my car after work, went to the gas station, and finally arrived home. It followed me home the entire way. This spaceship followed me home on 5/9/22, 5/12/22, 5/25/22, and 5/26/22 as well (and more). If you’re capable, please forward this email to other resources or organizations or even put it on your blog. I’ve made a bunch of FBI tips about this situation but I was unsure where to send this physical evidence. Enclosed are five pieces of evidence of seeing this spaceship stalk me on 5/31/22.

Note: The video is not shown because it appears to show a conventional aircraft. One of the photos is shown. The object is probably a regular airplane.

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