Youth Awakens to Outside Orange Light Shining in His Face.

Location of Sighting: Watertown, New York
Date of Sighting: August 12, 1966
Time of Sighting: 1:09 AM EDT

Description: My parents left us in charge to babysit the younger sisters. It was time for her to go to bed, but she ran in and said there was orange lights outside. We didn’t go check we thought she just didn’t want to go to bed. She was 8 years old. I was 14 and my other sister who shared my room was 16.

Later that night, upstairs, I was awakened to a bright circular orange light shining in my face. I was directly across from the window. I was too scared to get out of bed so called to my sister. She woke up and I cried and told her. Later she said I had orange light, but shadows like a venetian blind on me. When she did look and saw the bright light she pulled our shade down. We ran downstairs to tell our parents. My father said we were dreaming the same dream. We went back to bed. My sister said she saw the light moving slowly down the house. We had woods 15 feet away from the house. It couldn’t have been a helicopter. There was no way it could get up to our window. The light filled the whole window (4 feet by 4 feet). Later on my father said he did go outside that night with his gun and didn’t see anything.

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